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The Sabah Open BJJ & Submission Grappling Tournament

13 - 14 August 2016

Organised in conjunction with the Sabah Fitness Festival, the Sabah Open BJJ is Malaysia’s BIGGEST submission grappling tournament! This event will run over 2 days, with Gi matches on day 1 and No-Gi matches on day 2. All matches will follow the standard IBJJF format. NOTE: 1. Kids division brackets will be made in accordance to closest fit weight match ups on the day. Children are advised NOT to cut weight. 2. Weigh-ins will be done with the gi on. Allow 2 kgs for the Gi. Separate weigh-ins will be conducted before the No-Gi event commences. Deduct 2kgs from the weight categories for No-Gi. 3. Confirmation of registration will be sent via email to successful applicants. Any enquiries should be directed to 4. Competitors under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or legal guardian with parent/guardian's signature on the waiver form (to be signed on day of competition before entry to the mats). 5. In the event a division has less than 3 competitors, it will be merged with the closest weight division. Entry Fees Gi or No-Gi (1 day only) Early Bird: RM80 (until 31st May, 2016) Regular: RM90 (until 31st July, 2016) Late: RM100 (1st-18th August, 2016) Walk-in: RM125 (at competition venue) Gi & No-Gi (2 days) Early Bird: RM105 (until 31st May, 2016) Regular: RM115 (until 31st July, 2016) Late: RM125 (1st-18th August, 2016) Walk-in: RM140 (at competition venue) (1st-3rd place winners in each weight category are automatically eligible to compete in the Absolutes)

You can register online at

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